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The more muscle you have the more calories you burn

That’s right! The more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn during everyday activities.


Improves moods and Boosts happiness levels

Choose an activity you enjoy. Head to the gym for a quick session or a 30 minute brisk walk can help! Exercise is definitely one of the best natural methods for relieving stress. When you participate in physical activity, your body releases a chemical called endorphins which create feelings of happiness.


Helps you Sleep Better

When we exercise we get the blood pumping through our body, it begins to move built up toxins, circulate oxygen and get our body moving and functioning. Every time we exercise we put our body under stress, but its good stress. Exercising is teaching our body how to grow and improve to cope with this good stress, it then begins to make cellular memory changes, muscle memory changes. Because of all of this, we then need to rest to repair the good stress we have caused, Which makes us sleep better, our body is more tired so its easier for us to fall off to sleep and maintain a better sleep cycle rather then a restless one.


Improves over all health

Regular exercise helps prevent and manage a wide range of health problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Type 2 diabetes, Arthritis, Cardiovascular disease and many more.


 Improve self confidence

When we begin taking steps to become healthier and fitter, over time we start to see changes in our body, whether its losing weight, toning up and building muscle, becoming fitter and stronger then you were before. What ever it is, you start to see the changes, you then become proud of your achievements and your improvements within yourself and start to feel better about your self image and self confidence.
When you feel like you are improving in areas of our life our confidence always improves with it.



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