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My Budget Friendly Secrets For Shopping Healthy – My Shopping Haul

Saving money the budget friendly way and making more time in the day are super important and finding new ways to do this is always fun. I know I often fall into the trap of going to the closest supermarket to get all my fruit and vegetables even if the quality isn’t amazing or the prices are high. This week I checked out a new fruit and vege shop that my bestie suggested. We took our kiddies and went to have a look.  The kids helped us pick out our fruit and oh my gosh, did I find some bargains! I was actually blown away!


Seriously though, I got 12+ kilos of fruit and vegetables for only $37!! This included 6 avocados, zucchini’s, strawberries, pumpkin, cauliflower and heaps more. It really reminded me that checking out new stores and even checking out local markets can lead to some awesome finds!

Budget friendly receipt

Healthy Budget Receipt

After grabbing all my bulk fruit and veges, I decided to do some prepping to make my busy life a little easier. I just went through and chopped, sliced, and diced all the veggies. My youngest helped pack all the veggies into  family sized serves in ziplock bags while the baby slept. We also did an experiment to see if we could make a DIY vacuum sealer. And it worked! We just put our serves in a ziplock bag and sealed it most of the way. Then we submerge the bag so the water covers the veggies but not the top of the bag and sealed it up. Doing this will help prevent freezer burn and help keep them fresher for longer. I was so excited to find out that this little tip worked. It was such a fun day. I got to catch up with my bestie, have fun with our kids and get some prepping done! Our plan is to make this a fortnightly thing so we never have to worry about making time to catch up!

Chopping and DIY vacuum sealer



It was such a fun day. Coffee, prepping, playing and laughing are the best ways to spend our days and getting the kids involved with shopping for healthier options will teach them to make the right choices when they grow up. Plus having a friend doing the shopping and prepping at the same time I am really helps keep up motivation. We can motivate each other to keep making healthy meals for ourselves and our families. It was a win-win kinda day.

 My budget friendly secrets for shopping healthy


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