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You can get incredible results from walking!

I first started my fitness journey a couple of years ago when my girls were only aged one and two years old. I started out by power walking for 30-45 minutes every day and I managed to lose 8kgs by walking alone and eating a well balanced diet.

Setting out for a walk is a great form of physical activity. It’s low risk, free and accessible to the majority of people.

Anything new can be difficult to continue doing every day. It could be because you haven’t done it before? Maybe it’s been a very long time since it’s been a part of your daily routine? We all face these challenges. Including me. Once it becomes a habit it will become easier to do.


Before you get your walking shoes on and hit the road or the bush, read these…


Walking burns calories

You will want to increase your pace to get your heart rate up. There are two ways you can do this, you can take longer strides or you can make your strides faster, a combination of both will give you amazing fat loss results and reduce the risk of health problems.


Know where you’re going

It’s a good idea to have a clear vision of where you’re going, choose somewhere you know quite well and map it out before you leave home. You’ll feel comfortable and confident knowing the path you’re walking and what to expect along the way.

Create a walking playlist

Having a great playlist with upbeat songs that you love will get you in the mood and motivate you to push harder and further, you probably won’t even notice the extra effort you’re putting into your movement and your quick pace. Win, win!


Find a walking buddy

Studies have proven that having a strong support group can be vital when it comes to creating a new habit and sticking to a new routine.


How to incorporate more walking into your daily life

There are so many ways to increase the amount of steps you do each day.
Here are some great ideas


–       Ask a friend to join you in a walk instead of going out for coffee
–       Use a fitness tracker to log your journey and your steps
–       Park outside of the school and walk in for drop off
–       Pick new and challenging walking routes
–       Park at the end of the car park when you go shopping


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