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We all know that exercise increases our overall health but Exercise is also one of the best natural stress relievers to boost your “feel-good” endorphin’s, exercise can also help you take your mind off your daily worries and give your brain a little break!

Its scientifically proven to benefit us in so many areas of our health, wellbeing and mental wellbeing.


How Exercise can help relieve stress


Improves your mood – It makes you happy, all those wonderful endorphones that come out when you exercise are what make us happy, it fights mental illness and keeps the blues away. Boosts your energy and who doesn’t enjoy being in a better mood.


Helps you sleep better at night – Studies have proven that exercising is best done in the morning or afternoon and this helps you sleep at night. So if you are someone who is a restless sleeper or finds it hard to drift off to sleep, take up exercising and see how it improves the quality of your sleep.


Improves your outlook on life and Self-Image – As you become fitter, stronger and healthier you become more confident in yourself and your appearance, you also will see a change in your social interactions as you become more confident. Boosting our self-esteem goes a long way, we feel a million times better within ourselves and this will radiate out. People will notice a difference in you and the confidence in yourself and your self-esteem goes a long way.


Improves confidence As mentioned above, exercise will boost your confidence in all the right ways. Mentally, emotionally and physically we grow and change and improve along the way, being confident brings amazing success into your everyday life.

Gives you a better outlook on life – Because all these amazing things start to change and over the months you see improvements and your confidence grows and your self-esteem improves, we begin to see changes in our life and our outlook on things around us shift to a more positive outlook. Life becomes so much better because of a simple change we make.


Your sex life Improves And here it is, probably one of the best ways to relieve stress is through your sex life and when we become fitter, healthier and more confident. Well all this shows in the bedroom too, it improves our performance between the sheets with our partner and your partner will be just as happy about this new boost of self-esteem and energy.


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What Type Of Physical Activity Can Help Deal With Stress?

Almost any type of exercise can be helpful. It’s important to choose an exercise activity that you enjoy, rather than something you dread.

For Example,

  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming or water arobics
  • Tennis
  • Gardening
  • Yoga
  • Resistance workout
  • Dancing
  • Join a bootcamp and get the best out of your workout
  • Boxing






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