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Fear of Failure When it Comes to Exercise

Fear of Failure When it Comes to Exercise

Everyone wants to look and feel good. Whether you are exercising to increase your general fitness or starting on a weight loss journey, there is one mistake that many people make. Being scared of failing can really hold you back. It’s not nice to feel like a failure, but sometimes we need to fail in order to succeed. I fell off the weight loss bandwagon many many times before i actually stuck to a healthy lifestyle and actually enjoyed it! 


Have you ever signed up to the gym and then spent all your time on a treadmill? Have you ever watched someone else using the weights and wished you could? Or seen people going to a class and been worried that it would be like high school sports class? Chances are, there is a heap of people that feel the same.


There are some easy ways to overcome your fear of failure and get the confidence to get in there and give it a go.


Firstly, start small. If you want to try weight training, start with low weights. There is nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up. Not only will this help with your confidence but it will help to avoid injury as well.


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Secondly, work with a Personal Trainer. It is their job to teach you how to safely do an exercise and to lead you through a workout. They are trained to help you reach your goals in a safe and efficient manner. They want to see you succeed and won’t judge you if you can’t or don’t have the confidence to do the workout. They will be your teacher, your support and your cheer squad. Working with a personal trainer can be one of the best things you can do.


Jump outside your comfort zone

These are just two of the ways you can build your confidence in the gym. Starting small is always the best way to go. It allows you to build your strength and your confidence. And hiring a Personal Trainer to guide and coach you through the early days of your exercise regime will help give you the information and confidence to keep going. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is just a speed bump on the road to success.


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