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Those feel good feelings (endorphins) 

Those feel good feelings (endorphins)

Starting to work out, whether it is to up your fitness level or to lose weight, can be a long and daunting process. It takes quite a long time and some dedication to see the results we want. When we don’t see instant results, it can be heart breaking. We lose motivation and fall back into old habits. But all is not lost! Your body actually benefits from exercise within minutes thanks to a little thing called endorphins.


These endorphins are the feel good hormone. They are the same hormone that is released when we fall in love or eat chocolate. They are what make us feel positive and energised during and after a workout. Though your muscles may be sore, your mind will be floating. You will be less tired, your outlook will be more positive and you will find more motivation to keep on working towards your goals. This is why people get obsessed with going to the gym and working out – because it makes them feel good!



There are of course times when we lose our motivation. We aren’t seeing the results we hoped for, or you’ve just had a bad week and don’t feel like doing anything. But try not to let this hold you back. It only takes 10 – 30 minutes of exercise for endorphins to be released. This is why whenever I am having a bad day or I feel like I’m losing my motivation, I pull myself up and do a workout. It makes me feel motivated, positive and like I have achieved something. I want to encourage you to try it. Next time you do a workout, take 5 minutes at the end to reflect on how you are feeling. You may just be surprised on how good you actually feel.


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