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How To Get Back On Track After A Binge

Getting on Track after a Binge

There is a little secret that you should be let into: Everybody binges. Remember a time when you promised yourself that it was just one more chip and you found yourself with an upended bag of salty crumbs on your lips. I have been there as well. There is no need to pretend about the facts of events. In case you are wondering what a binge is, then a binge can be defined as overeating within a short period of time. Binging is past satisfaction, often happening unintentionally and leading to a lot of regret.


How do you get back from a binge? Here’s how:


Do emotional damage control
Binges occur periodically especially coinciding with special events and occasions and leave you feeling lousy. The guilt you experience may be more intense if you were keeping to a diet. Other emotions that creep in after a binge include shame, worthlessness and disgust. When you begin to experience these emotions, you need to snap out of them. The past cannot be changed only remedied. Your emotional health is vital to how you bounce back after a binge. Reign on your gloomy thoughts by:
•       Reframing the situation
•       Getting your mind off your mood
•       Adamancy in weighing yourself


Pick a fallback nutritional plan
The excess calories and fats you have consumed leave you feeling bloated and tired. The next step after dealing with your emotions should be refocusing your efforts to get back on the healthy-eating horse. Try out these nutritional steps:

  • Resume an appropriately portioned and balanced diet as soon as possible.
  • Focus on fluids and fibre.
  • Try out a non-gimmicky resetCreate healthy eating habits


Start exercising, again
Beginning your exercise does not mean hitting the pavement running moments after your binge. Let your stomach relax. Begin with a brisk walk up and down the stairs or with your dog. It is time to break a sweat in a full workout session when you’re fully digested. It is expected that your body will have excess glycogen after a binge which can give you a burst of energy to fuel your next workout. Take it easy when it comes to a body cleanse.


Think binge prevention
It is possible that you will binge again so you need to be comfortable with that idea. Safeguard yourself from another binge by:

  • Noticing the warning signs
  • Keeping binge foods away from the house
  • Binge will taking pauses to assess the situation rather than binging in autopilot
  • Loosening up your diet
  • Practising mindful eating


Show yourself some kindness
You should realize that losing weight or getting healthier is a journey and you need to be patient and kind to yourself. Moreover, you need to be patient. Live a healthy life of moderation, balance, quality and give room for at least one binge.
It is only with the experience that you will be able to define measures that will you from recurring binges. Overtime, you will learn what works and doesn’t work for your body. In this moment, take it easy and don’t beat yourself up!



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