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Lust Mineral Review- Pro Finish

My honest review of the new Lust Mineral Pro Finish foundation

I have been using Lust Minerals make up range for a couple years now. I love it. They have so many different products that I love. I started using their Mineral Stick Cream Foundation and I was absolutely in love. It gives me a full face of make up with zero cakiness and it stays on all day long! It definitely helped that it is a sweatproof product. As well as using it for my day to day errands, I wear it when I go for hikes or to boot camp, even the gym! I’m so thankful for it, it makes me feel confident on the days where I have a lot of breakouts. Then, they released what would have to be my all-time favourite product ever! 

I have recently started wearing Pro Finish Liquid Foundation and I will never look back. The Pro Finish has got a beautifully soft and creamy texture, just glides across my skin and isn’t oily at all. What I love about this product is that I can use the smallest amount for a decent everyday look, and I can build it up into a stunning full coverage base. I haven’t loved a product as much as this one in a long time. It gives me so much confidence in my skin. Being made from high quality ingredients, I have found I only have minimal breakouts compared to when I was using other high end make up I would have the worst breakouts all the time. Plus, it’s also sweat proof and in this Brisbane summer, that has been amazing!

If you are concerned about picking a shade to suit your skin, you can message them through their website or even their Instagram account (Both of which I will be adding below). They will help you pick the shade and product that will suit your skin!

I also have a discount code for you guys to save 15% off use code ‘MAJELLAROSE15’


Insta: @lust__minerals

Lust Mineral Review- Pro Finish - MAJELLA ROSE


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