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Tips for Parenting with 2 or More Kids 

Parenting with 2 or more kids 

Getting through the day can be hard enough on your own. Doing it with 2 or more kids in tow can be downright impossible. From trying to get out of the house in the morning to avoiding the middle of the day fights, i have worked out some tips that have saved my life.


Number 1. Be organised!

Having everything you need for the next day ready to go will be your biggest time saver in the mornings. Whether you have to go to work or you just have to do some errands, having clothes, lunches and bags packed for the next day will save you so much time and stress. Of a nighttime, I will pack the next days lunches and snacks, have their clothes, undies and socks in a pile and have their bag packed if they need one. This means when we get up in the morning we can just get ready and go. It also helps the girls feel like they have some independence. They have their clothes ready to put on by themselves and their bags just need their lunchboxes.


Number 2. Help them help you. 

Giving children limited choices will drastically reduce the amount of tantrums and arguments through the day. Instead of saying “go get changed” try letting them choose between 2 or 3 shirts. Giving them a little freedom but still giving them boundaries will help them thrive. It also means you can make sure that they are wearing weather/event appropriate clothes while still choosing what they want to wear. Same goes with chores. Rather than saying “pack up now” give them the option of packing up before or after snack time/ naptime.  After a couple of weeks of putting this into practise, the girls were a lot happier to help me clean up when I asked for it. It definitely reduced some of the tantrums!


Number 3. Routine!

This has been my life saver. Finding a routine that works for us and sticking to it has saved so much stress! It’s not a super strict routine but it is a basic one that gets us ready in the morning. We just get up, have breakfast, brush our teeth and our hair, get dressed and we are ready to go.  It’s a simple yet easy way to keep everything flowing especially in the morning and at night.

These three things have really helped me cope with being a mum to 2 young girls, working and doing everything else in between. Find something that works for you and keep it. It can take a while to find your routine but once you have one, life will be that much easier to deal with. Please comment and let me know if you have any tips for wrangling two or much kiddies. I’d love to hear them!!


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