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Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and given yourself a compliment? I know right, That already feels weird thinking about it! but why?
What good ever comes from criticising yourself?

Positive body image

I’ve struggled with positive body image for years and i know a lot of others have to. When I was overweight I absolutely hated the way I looked, hated the way I felt and I hated how shut off I became. I got so obsessed with the things I hated about myself and I started to become home bound.

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I was missing out on so many things in my life i didn’t know i was missing out on. When i started my weight loss journey I thought that losing weight would make me happy  and comfortable. i thought i would instantly love myself but that wasn’t the case, i was wrong! I did gain confidence but it wasn’t just from the weight i had lost but i also found my life purpose, to help women feel good about them self through health and fitness know matter what we like look or how old we are, to encourage, support and empower each other. I found new things that i absolutely love doing that makes me feel good and i love that i feel good!


My body has changed so much over the last couple years and since having children iv’e got a shit load of stretch marks and a shit load of cellulite. This is something i had to work really hard on like so many other women. Only you can control how you feel and how you want to see things. I learned to look at myself as a whole person and not just the bits i didn’t like. I learned to be open minded and not focus so much on what others think, we all have insecurities, we are all human.

Positive body image


Some of us get them and some of us don’t but don’t them define you or control how you live each day. I got a lot of stretch marks on my stomach towards the end of my pregnancies and guess what!.. They don’t bother me anywhere near as much anymore! because I choose not to let it. I’m a proud active mum of two beautiful little girls and I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been. LOVE yourself and be PROUD of who you are and what you look like. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


It doesn’t matter what shape or size we are, we are all beautiful and our bodies are incredible! it is our vehicle in life. It allows us to think, breath, fall in love, travel, create more bodies etc. It is your person and you will only ever have one. So do what makes you happy, take steps to improve the things you don’t like as much and don’t worry about what everyone else may or may not be thinking.


Why do we focus on the outside so much more than what’s on the inside?



It’s our job as mothers and women to teach each other and the next generation to empower each other, be kind and build each others confidence no matter what shape or size we may be. Being healthy is so much more than eating healthy and exercising. We need to focus more on our mental health and not just what we look like.

Beauty isn’t just on the outside

Realise what your body is capable of

Embrace the fact that you are alive

You don’t need validation from anyone to make you feel good about yourself.

You are so much more than just your appearance

Focus on your accomplishments you have archived as a person

Use your time positively instead of worrying and thinking negatively

Ignore those negotiate voices in your head and replace them with positive thoughts

Show your body your appreciation by feeding it wholesome nutrition foods, drink lots of water and exercise

Be your friend. When you go to say something shitty about yourself, Stop and think would you say that to a friend?

Surround yourself with positive people 

creating a positive body image

From today I want you to try giving yourself a compliment in the mirror each day for a whole week straight and then let me know how you feel.

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