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Quick and Easy Frozen Yogurt Pops

frozen yogurt pops
We are coming into Summer (over here in Australia) I couldn’t wait to make these Frozen yogurt pops! I’ve always loved frozen yogurt since i was a kid and now i get to make them with my little babes!

What you’ll need
Plastic shot cups (any cheap shop should have these)
Paddle pop sticks
Yogurt, I used Vanilla bean greek yogurt
Blue berries
Chia seeds


Half fill the shot cup with your chosen yogurt, add some fruit and two pinches of chia seeds, Pop the paddle pop stick in the middle then into the freezer.

When your ready to eat them, run them under hot water for a couple seconds to get them out.

You could also make these with almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water and just add your favourite fruits.

Your little’s will love them!

frozen yogurt pop

Whats your favourite homemade icy-pop?

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy Frozen Yogurt Pop recipe, Pin it for later or share on facebook with your friends and family x


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