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Successful Ways to Rise Early and Get Things Done

Successful Ways to Rise Early and Get Things Done


People who wake up early can attest to the fact that it is one of their favourite things in the world. The quietness of the morning provides the perfect environment for me time, meditation, exercise and quiet reading.
Furthermore, rising early in the morning gives you extra hours for focus and creativity. Well, people procrastinate these things to a later time in the day but most of them do not. It is definitely important to cultivate a habit of waking up early.

These tips will help you rise early:


Take the first steps

Getting out of bed is the toughest part of early rising. An alarm across the room can work because it forces you to get out of bed and silence the alarm. Putting the alarm in a loud tone will jolt you up.


Cultivate a mental environment

You may get out of bed but you are mentally dull. So how do you keep your mind alert all day long?

• Listen to podcast that talk about waking up early

• Read about people who are known to be early risers

Begin your day by feeding your mind with inspiration on the importance of early rising. When your alarm rings, you can begin rationalising and questioning your decision. Fortunately, creating a positive mental environment compel you to wake up.


Develop a “get to” attitude

You need to get excited about your day and spring out of bed, literally. Engaging on a guilt trip as to why you are waking up early will discourage you.


Create some accountability

Have a friend that can hold you down and keep you accountable. Call each other when its time to wake up. There are also online groups that are great for accountability.


Sleep well

The struggle of waking up early is not only mental but also physical. The quality and amount of your sleep is an important factor. Get to bed at a reasonable time if you plan to wake up early. Diet and exercise are also important.


Never snooze

You may believe that hitting the snooze button gives you some extra minutes of sleep. On the contrary, your body and mind gain no value and you will be just wasting time.


Stick to your wake up time

Stick to your wake up time every day of the week. We can condition our bodies through consistency and development of habits. As your body becomes conditioned, you will be able to regulate your sleep patterns. In time, you will find that your body begins the process of waking up way before the alarm sounds.


Build momentum

The greatest challenge of waking up early is staying awake. You can do an exercise to get your focus and energy in check.
Generally, early rising gives you an opportunity to get things done and have a head start on the day. As you begin, it may be difficult to get to tune your body. The good news is that if you are consistent, you will enjoy the innumerable benefits of rising early.


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