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We weren’t born enjoying junk food and sodas more than healthy food, we have fastly developed that over time by repeatedly eating unhealthy foods but we can change that with consistency and healthier food choices.

Make healthy snacks

Take some time to make your own healthy snacks and don’t leave the house without them.

Feel the difference in your body and mind

Feel and pay attention to how your body reacts differently after each healthy and unhealthy meal. Does it make you feel tired and bloated or energetic and light? Its amazing how different foods can make you feel.

Do some research on nutrition 

Knowledge is power so do some research on different types of foods and their benefits. Buy a blank note pad and create your own healthy cook book.

Clean out your cupboard

Remove most or all of the junk food, sweets and sodas from your house, that way you wont be constantly thinking about it and tempted to grab it out of your cupboard or fridge.

Meal Prep

Yesss! Meal prepping has helped me so much to stay on track. By preparing your healthy meals earlier it makes it so much easier and more appealing when your hungry you just want to eat the fastest and easiest thing you can think of.

Don’t look at healthy foods as something that isn’t tasty or delicious. In my experience the more healthy food you eat the more you crave healthy food! Don’t get me wrong, it is very hard at first but i can ensure you it does get much easier and you will learn to find a balance.


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